About Us

BMH Student Rentals Provides Off-Campus Apartments for Rent Near UMASS Lowell.

When you’re trying to find off-campus apartments for rent near UMASS Lowell, why settle for anything less than the best apartments near UMass Lowell? At BMH Student Rentals, our modern one-to-five bedroom apartment units have everything you need for a safe and comfortable living experience. Our tenant contracts include terms such as regular professional cleaning services and first-class security features. With our off-campus apartments for rent near UMASS Lowell, you’ll enjoy every moment of each semester.

Why choose us for your UMASS Lowell off-campus apartment?

If you would rather live within easy walking distance of the UMASS Lowell campus, you’re in the right place. Each of our units allows you to jump out of bed and stroll to class within a few moments. With all of the extra sleep you’ll gain, you’ll always feel well-rested.

At BMH Student Rentals, we’re a family-run business that prioritizes each student’s safety. When you rent from us, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Lighting between dawn and dusk in walkways, common areas, and parking areas.
  • A free snow plow service if you need to get your car out during bad weather.
  • Private trash collection throughout the week.
  • The option to rent one of our 30 private car spaces.
  • Modern appliances, so you don’t have to bring as many with you when you move in.
  • All bathrooms, common areas, bedrooms, and hallways are professionally cleaned and maintained before your move-in date.
  • Cabinets inside your bedroom and in common areas for storage purposes.
  • All carpets are professionally cleaned before you move in.

Off-campus apartments for rent near UMASS Lowell that keep you safe

At BMH Student Rentals, we believe every student should enjoy the same type of accommodation we want our children to have. Because of this, our off-campus apartments for rent near UMASS Lowell come with tenancy agreements that keep you safe. We maintain a strict environment that’s designed to make achieving excellent grades easier. After serving the UMASS Lowell student population since 2007, we know that our agreements provide the type of environment that students love.

With units at Riverside Street, University Avenue, Greshom Avenue, and Gardener Avenue, you’ll benefit from one of the most convenient off-campus locations around. Each unit is across the street from the UMC Business Centre, so you can enjoy easy access to campus facilities throughout the semester. Additionally, the surrounding area is steeped in history and excellent for shopping, making it perfect if you want to enjoy a little culture while staying with us.

To rent one of our apartments or arrange a viewing, call (978) 621-2232 or contact us via our site.