The new kitchen trends with white stones.

Super White quartzite has become a hot commodity in New England over the last year. The new Kitchen trends with white stones, and the unique look of this material, that resembles the look of the marble, without its porosity, has made this material hard to find, from the very beginning, even at the processing factories in Brasil.

The beauty of this stone is stunning, but the huge demand, has put a lot of pressure on pricing, and also quality of slabs when it comes to its original look.

The blocks being shipped to the US market, were originally pure white, with little veining, but the need to extract more blocks from the quarry, has produced slabs that were coming with a lot of the grey background. That has also contributed for the creation of a new name for the same material now know as “wicked white”.

Stone Projects import directly from Brasil

Here at Stone Projects, we import directly from Brasil bundles of this material, and when needed, we also buy locally, and send our customers to selected stone yards.
It is critical to have your fabricator familiar on how to work with this material from cutting to polishing and handling, to avoid frustrations with the finish product.

We welcome our customers to be part of the process, from slab selection, to slab layout, taking into consideration veining, and patterns of a particular slab.

Pricing of this stone can also fluctuate quite a bit from one supplier to another, and it is critical to work closely with your fabricator to find the proper combination of beauty of slab, pricing, and delivery of the final product.

Please see bellow a picture of a lot we currently have in stock.




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